Event Guidelines – Tradeshows

Tradeshow Sisters Exhibitor Guidelines
Ladybug Tradeshow & Christmas Spirit Tradeshow – Stockade Building

  • These guidelines are for selected applicants for Tradeshow Sister events: The Ladybug Tradeshow and The Christmas Spirit Tradeshow (at the Stockade Building, Kinetic Park, Swift Current, SK)
  • All tradeshow communications will be sent via email to the email address you provided on your application form. Please add TradeshowSisters@gmail.com to your contact list.
  • The facility (front and side doors) will be open from 7:30am to 9:30am for exhibitors to set up. All doors will be locked from 9:30-10:00am. The side doors will remain locked throughout the day.
  • Exhibitors must check in at the front entrance desk upon arrival and must be checked in by 9:00am
  • Exhibitors may use the front or side entrances to load and unload. Please move your vehicle away from the front entrance parking spots once you are unloaded.
  • Exhibitors must be set up by 9:30am and remain set up until 5:00pm.
  • Exhibitors may start to take down after 5:00pm and must be out of the building by 6:30pm. If you require more time to be completely out of the building please contact Tradeshow Sisters beforehand to discuss the additional fees associated with being in the building after 6:30pm.
  • Each booth (10 feet deep by 10 feet wide) will be divided by tall curtains along the back and waist high curtains along the sides. If you registered a double booth there will not be a waist high divider curtain between them. Each booth comes with one standard table (8 feet long by 2 ½ feet wide). Tables must be arranged within your booth space in a way that they do not extend outside of your allotted space. The tables do not have table coverings, please provide your own tablecloths. Chairs will be available in the aisles and front lobby.
  • Additional tables purchased with your registration will be in your booth. Extra tables may be available to purchase the day of the tradeshow, but cannot be guaranteed unless arranged for ahead of time. You may bring your own tables provided that they fit within your space.
  • Your receipt will be on your table in your booth the day of the tradeshow.
  • WiFi is available but its reliability cannot be guaranteed (so keep this in mind if you plan on using it for debit/credit machines). WiFi password will be on your receipt that day.
  • Power will be available for each booth. Be sure to bring extension cords of varying lengths as the plug may be several booths away from yours.
  • Display structures must fit within your provided booth space and not obstruct or impede on neighboring booth spaces or the isles. Helium balloons are not allowed in your display unless approved by the tradeshow coordinators ahead of time.
  • Branded direct marketing businesses can only sell products that are registered under that business name.
  • Exhibitors are only allowed to sell the items that were indicated on their application form and as approved by Tradeshow Sisters.
  • If for any reason you are unable to attend you may find someone to work your booth (the business that was selected based on information on your application form) on your behalf or cancel with no refund. You cannot “transfer” your booth to someone else, all communication must still come from you and will go to you. Fees will not be refunded except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of Tradeshow Sisters