Selection Criteria

Tradeshow Sisters work hard to ensure that there is a good mix of products and vendors, both new and returning, at each tradeshow. We strive to keep each show unique and fresh and like to include a mix of crafters, makers, bakers, creators, photo takers and some of everyone’s s favorite direct marketing businesses.

Once the deadline for applications has passed Tradeshow Sisters review each application. There is a lot to consider. We evaluate each application based on:

  1. Accuracy and completeness of application form.
  2. Exhibitor assistance in promotion of the Tradeshow.
  3. Previous Tradeshow Sister event involvement.
    To keep our shows feeling fresh and to allow a fair opportunity for new applicants we like to include a mix of new and familiar exhibitors.
  4. Exhibitor location.
    We like to support local creators and businesses, but we also see a need to include others when they offer something unique or outstanding.
  5. Product/Service
    We select exhibitors that allow customers the chance to find classic popular items as well as unique new items.
  6. Number of applicants with similar product.
  7. If the exhibitor is emerging or established.
    We like to include exhibitors at all stages of their careers.
  8. Boothmanship.
    All applicants and exhibitors are expected to promote Tradeshow Sister events in a positive and professional manner.